What To Expect

Visitors are expected at New Heights! You probably have lots of questions about what to expect when you visit. Here are some answers:

When are New Heights worship services?

On Sundays, we offer a fully bilingual service (English and Spanish) at 10:30 am. We also have a Sunday Bible Study (in English) at 9:15 am and a Tuesday Night Prayer Service at 7:00 pm (translation provided).

What should I do when I arrive?

When you arrive, you will be greeted at the front door as you enter the church lobby.  As you enter the auditorium, you will be given a bulletin containing information about the morning’s service, as well as church news, announcements, and events. Once you enter the auditorium, feel free to sit anywhere you are comfortable.

Is child care available during worship services?

During Sunday services, the nursery, toddler care, and children’s classes are available for all.

Once you arrive at New Heights, if you would like for your children to participate in the children’s ministry, go to the information table in the church lobby, where someone can assist you. For nursery and toddler-aged children, your child will be given a name tag, and you will be given a corresponding claim card. This card is for your child’s safety, and will ensure that only you can pick up the child.

What should I wear?

Come dressed as you are. While most people dress casually, you will likely encounter people wearing anything ranging from suits and ties to blue jeans and t-shirts, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

What is a worship service like?

New Heights worship services usually last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Services usually consist of prayer, worship music, a sermon, communion and offering, and other creative elements.

What is your style of worship music?

The overall worship experience on Sunday mornings aims to be a blended service of hymns and modern worship songs. We aim to provide something familiar for everyone.

The worship leader may invite you to stand, or clap your hands; however, feel free to sit, stand, raise your hands – worship however you are comfortable.

What is expected of me as a visitor?

Just come and enjoy yourself! While a few people may greet you before and after the service, you will not be singled out as a visitor during the service. All we ask is that you let us know you joined us by filling out the attendance card in your bulletin.

What about communion?

Everyone who has confessed faith in Jesus Christ and who has been baptized is welcome to partake in communion at New Heights.

What about the offering?

If you are visiting New Heights, we don’t want your money! Offering is only expected from members of NHCC. Just drop your attendance card in the offering plate as it is passed, so we know you were here.